Do you love the Amsterdam Roots Festival and would you like to support the organization to be able to run a great festival in the coming years? Then you can make a donation to Amsterdam Roots! Your contribution will make a big difference and will help keep the festival accessible for everyone. Would you like more information? Please contact our Development employee, Saskia Groot, via [email protected] of 020 2149 652.

The Amsterdam Roots Foundation has a cultural ANBI status in the Netherlands. A cultural ANBI is a (Dutch) non-profit institution that is at least 90% active in the cultural field. This means that there is an extra gift deduction for your donation: individuals may deduct 1.25 times the amount of the gift in their Dutch income tax return. Companies subject to corporate income tax may deduct 1.5 times the amount of the gift in the corporate income tax return.


For a private individual: Your gift is deductible from your taxable income when you file your income tax return. Your minimum annual donation to charities is € 60,- (or 1% of your taxable income) and a maximum of 10% of your taxable income. Donations up to € 1.250,- can be deducted for 125%. This means that for example with a donation of € 100,- you can deduct € 125,- from your income tax.
For a company: The donation is deductible from the net profit at the corporate income tax return. The maximum deductible donation is € 100,000, - or half of the net profit, but there is no minimum donation. You can deduct up to € 2500,- 150% from the net profit for the corporate income tax return. This means that a donation of € 1.000,- for € 1.500,- is deductible.

Would you like to make a donation to the Amsterdam Roots Foundation? Please contact Saskia Groot, Development employee, via [email protected] or 020 2149 652.


Name of foundation: Stichting Amsterdam Roots
Fiscal number: 8119.50.943
Chamber of commerce (KvK): 341.09.081
Formal office address: Madurastraat 90, 1094 GS, Amsterdam
Board: see page Organisation
Policy plan: see document Policy Plan 2019
Objectives: see document Policy Plan 2019
Report of activities carried out: see document Annual Report 2019 & Annual Report 2018
Financial accounting: see document Financial Results 2014-2017