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Thu 25 - Sun 28 June

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Of course, registrations of music cannot match the impact of a concert. But sometimes you have to row with the straps you have. The current situation makes it impossible to experience music in the way Amsterdam Roots Festival has been doing for almost forty years. On the various outdoor music stages in the Oosterpark, in an intimate setting in the Bimhuis, dancing and singing along in Paradiso, Melkweg, Doka.
And because of the cancellation of all concerts, Amsterdam Roots not only had to disappoint the audience, but of course also cancel a lineup with amazing artists from Ghana, Israel, Cuba, the Netherlands, Congo, France....

To ease the pain a little, Amsterdam Roots goes digital looked for alternative ways to give music a place in this digital world. Saturday June 27th the Amsterdam Venezuelan band Conjunto Papa Upa will play from the Bimhuis and we will share the concert live via facebook and our website with everyone. We also asked a number of artists to record some music for us at home this year. In an intimate setting from the living room. Small concerts with a personal message especially for the audience of Amsterdam Roots!

The concerts are only available during Amsterdam Roots goes digital (June 25th - 28th) on our website, so check them out.

El Khat

Eyal El Wahab grew up in Tel Aviv, Israel but his roots are in Yemen. He recently immersed himself in his family history and got inspired by the centuries-old Yemeni folk songs. For El Kath he transformed them into powerful psychedelic pop music. But for Amsterdam Roots goes digital he plays an acoustic song on his self-built instrument.

Mundus Quartet

The music of Mundus Quartet combines traditional modal music from Asia Minor, the Mediterranean and the Balkans with Makam and Sufi music from the Silk Road. The musicians live in the Netherlands, but are each anchored in a strong cultural tradition. They are completely in the now and give their compositions a timeless, contemporary sound. Take a look in Sjahin During's living room and listen to a Kurdish Persian lullaby.

Sibusile Xaba

The music of the man with Zulu blues, that's how the South African music style 'maskandi' is often defined. And this Zulu blues soul is seeping out of all the pores of Sibusile Xaba. He is not afraid to cross the boundaries of maskandi and mix it with genres such as flamenco, bossa nova and jazz. We definitely hope to bring him to the Netherlands next year. Especially for the Roots Home Concerts he will play a touching song and with a special message for the audience of Amsterdam Roots.

Reza Mirjalali

Reza Mirjalali learned at a young age from his father, Maestro Shahram Mirjalali, to play the Persian stringed instrument tar. When he was 17, he started touring with his father and won several solo and improvisation competitions in Iran. Since his training at Codarts Rotterdam, he continued to live in the Netherlands. His wish is to bridge the gap between East and West through his music.

The Mystifiers

The Mystifiers is an Amsterdam orchestra that, as they say themselves, 'makes music for the 21st century'. A collective of amateur musicians, professional musicians, conservatory students and visual artists. Slow Down Amsterdam is a series of videos made by The Mystifiers together with visual artist Desiré van den Berg and is an ode to people and places in Amsterdam that are often underexposed. Slow Down Amsterdam gives the viewer a unique opportunity to experience the city from the perspective of the Mystifiers.

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