Mission Statement

It is our mission to inspire and connect people through the universal power of performing arts, music and stories, based on traditions and cultural roots from all over the world.
Art based on and inspired by cultural heritage (“roots”) has enormous significance. It touches on universal human values, gives us access to cultures that we know less about and shows us how recognizable and enriching the new and unknown is.

Amsterdam Roots Festival is about roots and cultural identity. Particularly at a time when society is polarizing, we need nuances and a wide variety of opinions and ideas. We want to bring stories that build bridges between the strange and the well-known, between traditions and innovations, between the individual and the group, the universal and the personal. Because it is the personal stories that we recognize each other in, and feel connected.

This is why we organize a refreshing and innovative multidisciplinary festival and cultural activities at various locations in Amsterdam. We work together with a large number of partners and institutions in the city and we provide a platform to art-creators with diverse opinions. We create an environment, where everyone is welcome and feels free and safe to be themselves. In this way, we want to contribute to an inclusive society, in which people are inspired and connected through art that arises from tradition and innovation.



"The Dutch capital boasts a number of music festivals but none as long-standing, socially inclusive and friendly as Amsterdam Roots (…)” - Jo Frost, Songlines Magazine

Click here to read the whole article in Songlines Magazine, issue #154, January/February 2020