Roots Bazaar

As a consequence of the government measures to restrict the spreading of COVID-19, we unfortunately have to cancel a big part of our festival program. This means that all programs scheduled for Roots Open Air in Oosterpark on June 28th will be canceled. So no concerts, no circus and no Roots Bazaar. Everyone who has already subscribed to participate at the Roots Bazaar will receive an e-mail with more information regarding this cancellation.

We hope you will have a safe and nice summer and we will come back to you as soon as possible with more information about Amsterdam Roots Festival 2021!

Questions? Contact us through the link below:

About the Roots Bazaar

The stages of the festival are surrounded by the Roots Bazaar, an elaborate market offering visitors tasty food and beautiful, original products – from Chile to Japan to Purmerend. The Roots Bazaar is a fixed part of the festival, which is filled with amazing sounds, smells and colors from all over the world. Entrepeneurs are happy to share their talents with the numerous visitors and create the ultimate backdrop for Roots Open Air with their colorful foodtrucks, tents, caravans and stands.


Registration opens again in March 2021

> Price list food & drinks
> Price list non-food

Upon receipt of your registration, we will check the content of the products or menu that you want to offer to ensure it fits within the Roots Bazaar criteria. Upon approval you will receive an official confirmation that your registration has been approved and that you are part of the Roots Bazaar 2020.

Selection procedure

We want to provide a special and varied offering for our visitors, and we want to avoid internal competition. That is why we carry out an extensive selection procedure every year. You will receive an e-mail from us stating whether or not you have been selected.

Selection criteria

At your registration will pay particular attention to:

1 For Food & Drinks: Well presented and well made product, traditional products and special recipes, the use of sustainable friendly materials for packaging the food or drink (link sustainability guidelines)

2 For Non Food: Origin, fair trade and sustainability of the products.

3 Decorative value: This year, adjusted standards will also apply to the appearance of the stands. More than in previous years, the bazaar forms part of the festival decor. During the selection, attention is therefore also paid to the appearance, decor plan and material of which your decor is made of your stand, stall, caravan, truck or tent.


The city council of Amsterdam strives that from 2020 all events in the city shall be sustainable events that take place. This means that all major Amsterdam events, including Amsterdam Roots Open Air, must abide to the criteria set in the areas of organization, energy, water, waste and mobility. These sustainability criteria have already been gradually applied at the Roots Bazaar, but this year they will be made much stricter. The use of single use plastic to pack your product or meals is strictly prohibited on the Roots Bazaar. And we will work together with you to keep waste separate, both behind and in front of your stand.

For more information about the sustainability guidelines for event organizations, click here.