A Mili has come to conquer the ‘Low Lands’! This Surinamese artist from the urban scene has found a way to make the Dutch language sound attractive and sexy again. Energetic and unrestrained, she sings about her personal experience. On stage she moves seductively and empowered to the rhythms of funk, soul and reggae. After her studies at the ArtEz conservatorium, she successfully participated in the Popronde and has since proven: A Mili will pack you like a tiger, grrr!

Daughter of political scientist Hans Breeveld, the Surinamese Milaisa Breeveld studied music in the Netherlands, with the decision to develop her career here.  In her home country A Mili is recognised for the following hits: Blindfolded and Omen Lobi. Artists such as Typhoon, Kenny B and Jeangu Macrooy are also very supportive. The journey between Suriname and the Netherlands wasn’t so easy, she sings about this in her most recent hit single, Only. “I want to transfer the energy that I put into my music and my performances to the audience. I want them to feel what I feel, that they go home satisfied and that I have meant something to them” says A Mili.



SUN 7 JULY 2019

Free entrance

14:00 – 15:00