AfrotroniX is the alter ego of guitarist and singer Caleb Rimtobaye. He grew up in Chad, lives in Montreal and has an important mission. He wants to get rid of the colonial borders that have been drawn to divide the African countries. All clichés that apply to the continent are deconstructed by AfrotroniX. Therefore, expect surprising connections of African rhythms, techno and desert blues. With a futuristic helmet, inspired by the science fiction film Tron and Daft Punk, AfrotroniX has created a character who moves flexibly in the digital art world.

Three years ago, AfrotroniX was recognised in Paris, named the best African act in the diaspora as well as best DJ. He now tours all over the world. Caleb and his four brothers formed the band H’Sao, released thirteen records and toured the world. Caleb is celebrating a long musical career and now is broadening its horizon with AfrotroniX. The last album, Nomadix (2017) Caleb says, “This album is a good reflection of who I am, I sing in Sara, the language from my country Chad. I mix mandingo music from west Africa with Tuareg blues from the Sahara and present it in an electronic futurist package.”


SUN 7 JULY 2019

Free entrance

20:45 – 22:00