For decades, festivals around the world have celebrated the music of all the world’s people. They have brought musicians from the farthest reaches of the planet together, sharing their music with each other and with a steadily growing audience, who listen, dance and sing along to the sounds of the world through the world’s musicians.

At the same time, war, poverty and climate disaster are devastating many of the cultures whose music enriches our planet. And refugees from diverse and rich cultures, fleeing from war, poverty and climate breakdown, often find themselves excluded and vilified in the same countries where their music is so celebrated.

The program Art. 27 program includes a panel discussion and performances related to issues of social inclusion through the arts in Europe, and includes arts activists and artists with a refugee background. A particular focus is the role of European music and arts festivals in promoting social inclusion.

Panelists and performers Art. 27

Godfrey Lado, public speaker, spoken word artist, community organizer and social worker
Trio Qasyoun: Jawa Manla (oud), Shaza Manla (qanoun) & Modar Salama (perc.)
Laura Camacho Salgado: International Festival Coördinator at Oslo World
Laura Hassler: director Musicians Without Borders and co-founder of art27
Judith van de Geer: moderator
Hooman Nassimi: Founder of Society in Motion

Concerts @ Doka in the evening:
Shakuar:  spiritual electronics, traditional instruments & enchanting voices
Lady Shaynah: smashing neo soul about Antillian-Suriname roots
Fumilayo: young DJ bringing joy to the dance floor with his hidden gems



16:30 Talkshow
17:30 Network meeting

free entrance but registration required
through [email protected]