theater and film special on the theme of roots and identity

For the first time, Amsterdam Roots is presenting a program in collaboration with Studio / K. This program presents international films and interdisciplinary performances by young Dutch artists. It is a mini-festival at the festival. Short, exciting performances with music, storytelling, film and spoken word in which roots and cultural identity play a central role. Two films, three short performances and a number of talk shows can be seen in two rooms. The public can combine different program components at their own discretion. Pool & Dawson conclude the Friday night with a very danceable DJ set.

GRIMM  – I, poor romantic
Theater | Fri 5 July | 20:15
Musical journey into European roots through dark fairy tales

MIJN LAND, MI GRON – Emma Lesuis
Theater | Fri 5 July | 21:00
Emma Lesuis | Revisiting the plantation of my great-great grandmothers

PAPIA – Vanta
Theater | Fri 5 July | 22:00
Music theater on the origins of papiamento

NOBODY’S WATCHING (nadie nos mira)
Film | Fri 5 July | 20:00
Freedom and loneliness: Argentinian actor starting a new life in NYC

Film | Fri 5 July | 22:00
Punky chick flick about Danish teenage girls finding their feet

Film | Sat 6 July | 19:30
Young Indian women’s struggle between freedom and marriage
Afterward, there will be a panel discussion, together with Rabia Sitabi. We will explore how the Indian cultural view on marriage can and does not merge with a “Western” and a “modern” upbringing

Film | Sat 6 July | 22:00
Son faced with his roots when father returns in his life
Director Urszula Antoniak will be present for a follow-up talk about the film Beyond Words and the role of the protagonist as an immigrant. Meer informatie.