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Theme 2018: Strong Women

Send in your pitch and win an extensive professional coaching program!

  • Do you have a mystery in your family history that you want to unravel?
  • Do you have a strong woman in the family who has given a decisive turn to your family history?
  • Have you ever thought of finding out more about your roots, but do you not know where to start?
  • Would you like to develop your story with a team of professional storytelling coaches?

Amsterdam Roots festival provides a number of participants the opportunity to find their own roots with two fantastic pedigree coaches, one from the Centre of Family History (also known of the program Verborgen Verleden, ‘Hidden Past’) and a personalised storytelling coach. With the genealogy coach you will dive deep into the archives and different (world) histories. The storytelling coach will help you transform all that information into a good story and find your unique voice in it. All disciplines – and combinations – are allowed: vocals, spoken word, poetry, video, photography, podcast and performance. Together with you we will determine which coach suits you and your story best.

Deadline: 15 August, 23:59 

Registration is closed.