women at Roots

This year Amsterdam Roots Festival makes room for the female perspective in art. The #MeToo movement and the renewed interest in feminism underline the necessity of the female perspective in the arts. Roots show’s women in film, stories and of course music.

At Bimhuis, Roots presents the world premiere of Ke Haber? (What’s new?), a full evening-program around Ladino culture with special stories, authentic footage and lots of music. It is a homage to the women who have not only kept alive this ancient Jewish Sephardic culture but were very important for its development. The Israeli Dutch singer Noam Vazana shows, together with her company that this ancient culture is still a rich source of inspiration for young artists with roots in North Africa, the Middle East and Europe.
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The Namibian Tales share the stage in Bimhuis with four strong women from the Kalahari Desert. During their intensive research in Namibia, into the music of the inhabitants of this desert, they became fascinated by the beauty and complexity of the sanctuary of the San. The San women are the main creators of this musical style and ensure that this heritage is handed over to the younger generations. This inspired Shishani Vranckx to develop a joint project of her Amsterdam quartet with four ‘grandmothers’ from the San community
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The proportion of female directors who get their film screened at major film festivals is shockingly low. In Studio K Roots makes female filmmakers visible through the selection of films and hopefully inspires more women to tell stories from their perspective. The films focus on the formation of character and identity through various stories. From punk teenage girls in Denmark and an undocumented Argentinian actor in New York to Indian women who want to realize their dreams and a Polish migrant in Germany who finally meets his father.
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In the “Rootszoekers” project we are looking for stories about special, colorful and courageous female ancestors who have given our family history a decisive turn, that has gone against the mores and the spirit of the times or have made their mark on the family history in a different way. On Monday, July 2, this Roots production will be launched in Pakhuis de Zwijger on the basis of an extensive public program with the “Rootszoekers” (Roots seekers) panel and inspiring stories and performances by, among others, Pravini Bamboeram, Babs Gons, Emma Lesuis and Noam Vazana. Nicole Terborg will be the presenter of the program. Click here for more information about this program