urban culture from the low lands

This year there will be room for an extra podium during Roots Open Air on Sunday, 8 July. This stage, the Urban Eclipse Stage, will be dedicated to the urban arts. The program is composed of the quirky dance collective Native Moons. Native Moons is a distinctive collective consisting of three female artists: Sarada Sarita Keilman, Yordana Rodriguez and Kim Tawjoeram. With a united passion for music, art and dance, they share the same state of mind: “When we dance we are free, and when we are free, we dance”. At Roots Festival they will guide the audience through their world of different art disciplines within hip-hop.

At the Urban Eclipse stage, different elements will be shown in battles, performances and workshops. Every artist has their own story about their roots and diversity. Get inspired and experience the Urban Eclipse! Create your own graffiti artwork, be surprised by the MC and dance battles or dance yourself during the jam sessions. Experience this swirling Eclipse and let yourself be taken into the rich world of the various art disciplines within hip-hop.

when we dance we are free, and when we are free, we dance


Create your own graffiti masterpiece during this workshop. Together with a professional graffiti artist from Dynamic Arts, you create your own artwork.

Max 15 participants for this workshop

Rhythm Souldjaz are kids from Amsterdam with a big passion for breakdance. It’s hard work but they have a great dedication for breaking, they are real ‘Souldjaz’. This crew surrounds themselves with a great atmosphere. So come over and get yourself moving with these B-boys and B-girls full of character and style.

Dynamic Arts has its focus on the different talents of young creatives. As a foundation, Dynamic Arts keeps looking for new ways to motivate youngsters. During Roots Festival Dynamic Arts will present a showcase together with talented youngsters from “het Gooi. This showcase is specially made together with the young dancers.

KIDS  BATTLE | 14:15-15:00
During the kids battle, 8 young talented dancers will show their best skills. The young Dutch dancers are doing very well in Holland and abroad. We want to provide a stage for the next generation dancers during Roots Festival. The top 8 kids we selected for the kids battle are from different dance schools: Social Dance, Dynamic Arts, Urban Heroes and Rhythm Souldjaz. Who got what it takes?

GRAB THE  MIC + MC Pjotr | 15:00-15:30
During Grab The Mic mc Pjotr will surprise us with powerful lyrics and his great voice. Pjotr is a young Dutch hip-hop artist with a positive message. At the beginning of 2018, he won the Most Wanted award. We invited 2 more young mc’s to take the stage together with Pjotr. They will exchange live on stage in the MC Challenge.

The Native Moons Battle is known for its unique and creative concepts which challenge the dancers to dance outside the box. During this battle we guide you through our Native Moon landscape with hidden treasures and surprise attacks. You will be challenged to experiment, so be open-minded about what’s next. Because it’s all up to you.

The preselection starts at 15:30, so be on time!

Lars and Gino are a dynamic locking duo. Especially for Roots Festival, they created a funky showcase. Locking is danced to traditional funk music. Sit back and enjoy this funky show!

TAM(B)U by JUNADRY LEOCARIA | 16:30-17:00
The older and more experienced Junadry Leocaria gets, the more she understands how important it is to know about the hidden cultural history of Curacao, her history. It is essential to know while being on a journey to discover who you are. Her ancestors blessed her with the power of musicality, creativity, strength and most of all the power to express and tell a story through movement. Dancing, singing and playing Tambú was once forbidden, a taboo. With her solo Ta(m)bu she is honoring her ancestors by going back to her roots and share the beauty of her cultural her tage in her own creative and artistic way.

Eye-catching appearance Junadry Leocaria is a strong urban dancer who has a powerful way of moving. She has been working in the professional theater/dance field for over 13 years, among others with ISH Dance Collective and in the past with Don’t Hit Mama. In her own choreographies, she searches for ways to bring varied styles together in an organic way while she explores themes like self-acceptation, struggles, love for yourself and the will to grow as a person.

JAZZ & WAACKING | 17:15 – 17:30
Waacking is a dance style which is born in the clubs in LA early 70ies. Through social, politics and cultural oppression, latinos certain minorities Latinos, homosexuals) made the club their place for freedom. This freedom is expressed in disco/funk music through the dance style we now know as Waacking, to strike with force.

We strike with force, pose with grace, move with emotion, punk with intention. We catch the beat, embrace the moment, live our presence, affirm our greatness and whaack out the prejudice! ~Sarada Sarita

Choreographer: Sarada Sarita
Showcase: Snakes, Jungle Boogie
Dancers: Junadry Leocaria. Raquel Tijsterman. Fleur Bomelijn. Elsa Mulder. Leonie van Galen Suarez. Devika Chotoe.

ODE TO ELLA’ BY RANI ART | 17:30-17:45
Ode to Ella’ is an excerpt act from Rani Art’s total theater production ‘Sounding Silence’ and is dedicated to jazz legend Ella Fitzgerald, her life story and incredible scat and improvisation skills.

The act shows a scene between two lonely heartbroken (old )souls who have lost their way in modern life and time. They hear Ella Fitzgerald’s voice on the radio and start reliving, reviving and revisiting the past to find their passion, heart and soul. The style of dance can be described as modern/jazz dance influenced by tapdancing and some urban dance styles. A big source of inspiration for the act comes from style icons such as Fred Astaire, The Nicholas Brothers and Michael Jackson.

For this act Rani Artworks together with the musical -and stage performer Perry Gits and with famous Dutch hat designer/maker Herma de Jong.

Fractal is a collective of four like-minded urban dancers that value movement as it should be – as a daily companion. With a background in Breakdance and Theater, we found together and joined forces. Fractal is keen to use their experiences in addition with immense experience from the urban scene and transform it into own theater pieces and performances.

The Kiki House of Flying Daggers is founded in 2016 by overall mother Marina and Paris mother Caroline. The Kiki scene is related to the ballroom scene and is a subculture which celebrates your own identity and resists against homophobe, transphobia and racism. It’s a scene where mostly the young LGBTQ community has the space to express themselves in the most creative way they want to. Flying Daggers is known for their Classic Vogue Performances, Old Way and New Way.
For this performance, they invite other Classic Performers from the Dutch Kiki Scene to participate. Expect poses and vogueing on great house music.

In his solo, HeritageShailesh Bahoran is searching for his Indian roots and the meaning for his identity as a person and dancer. Shailesh explores the Indian mythology and dance tradition in a special manner from his own disciplines popping and b-boying (breakdance). Shailesh sees a lot of similarities between traditional Indian dances and hip-hop. ‘Especially when it comes to isolations within popping. Traditional Indian dance is also about isolations. Also, the focus on details is a similarity in both dance styles. Mimicry is really important, which also fits me as well. Gestures and attitude are really important. Those similar elements were really important to understand my own style even better.

In Heritage, Shailesh shows a unique and original mix of hip hop and Indian dance. Shailesh, his motive is to explore his own Indian roots. ‘I let myself inspire by traditional Indian dance: I love to watch it and it gives me a lot of information. I studied more and more in the traditions and that even got a bigger role in my dance.

HOSTS OF THE DAY: Sean Bogaers en Abdelhadi Baaddi
Sean Bogaers is a professional dancer and social worker from Laren. As a teenager, Sean always was busy with dance and art. Together with a group of young creatives, they started their own foundation Dynamic Arts. Sean is also known for his sharp lyrics, humor and creative mind.

Abdelhadi Baaddi started at a young age with human beatboxing to keep himself busy. In 2005 Abdelhadi followed a two-year education at Junior ISH. In these times he developed different skills like acrobatics, freestyle basketball, dance and acting. Together with Sean, they will take you in the world of the Native Moons as the hosts of the day.

DJ’s of the day: Cassie 6 en Lucas Benjamin

Cassie 6 already has an impressive career so far. It all started at a very young age when he started collecting vinyl records. Cassie 6 is known for his warm, soulful, spiritual & unlimited styles of music which he blends perfectly. People from the scene respect his style so much, that he got the nickname “The DeeJay’s DJ”. Not to forget Cassie 6 always had a special relationship with dancers all over the world, many dancers consider him as an inspiration. Cassie 6 is a true Legend of the Underground.

Lucas Benjamin started dancing at a young age. Soon he discovered his passion for music and started to dig into record stores. He takes you to the warm world of Soul, Funk, Jazz and tropical African and Brazilian rhythms. He never lets himself limit to one era but guides you from the 70’s to future sounds.

JAM SESSION | 20:30 – 21:30
Dance along in the closing dance jam of the Eclipse stage!

it’s about your dance, mc and graffiti skills